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Welcome to Soul Surfer Records

The independent label by musicians, for musicians and about the true art of music. We are all about working with new artists and developing their own truly original styles.

At Soul Surfer Records, we are building a network of talent and multi-media outlets to expose the world to the real art of music from the soul not the board room. Ricky & Scott started Soul Surfer in 2001 as a brotherhood and it will always be run that way; every person involved is part of our family.

Latest Soul Surfer News

Ricky Fante
Ricky Fante & The Soul Surfers


Check out Ricky Fante singing the theme song "Money" That's what I want,  on Mark Burnett's new TV Show Shark Tank.
The song was produced by Scott Rickett and Clyde Lieberman the music director with Burnett productions for EMI Publishing.
 Shark Tank airs on ABC and has been picked up for a new season, it is the first time Mark Burnett, Sony Television and ABC have collaborated on a project together. The Soul Surfer recording of the theme song will be available for download soon.



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